18 Business Ideas with Low Investment

18 Business Ideas with Low Investment

Many times we see that many youths in India want to do business, they have new tricks related to much new-age technology and science that through them they want to start their own business but many young people have Lack of money means there is shortage of capital money and that is why they are unable to start their business. That is why we have written this article especially for these young people who have a strong desire to show skills and do something. Not only this, anyone can adopt this article and start their own business.

Nowadays money has become a supplement to live, when every person comes in his age, then all he wants is to earn a lot of money and adopt a better life, nowadays studies have also got the same quality that we have a good quality Inspire to start a business, but the youth of this age needs to get the right direction or else they will go astray and that study will have no meaning. If any person wants to start his own business, first of all, he needs planning, good planning and with a small amount, anyone can open a startup.

1.) Event Management Firm:
If you like to create an atmosphere for the party, then you can start this business. Today, most weddings and parties are celebrated in the country, for these parties and weddings, there seems to be a lot of planning, and event planners do the work of planning. You can start this business at a very low cost, and earning from this business is also good.

2.) Wedding Planner:
Nowadays, in India, marriage and films are very good, it takes a lot of planning to successfully celebrate a wedding. Everything from invitations to farewell needs planning, if you have experience of managing a lot of people, if you are able to work very easily, then this profession is perfect for you, in this you just get married I should recognize the life of all the things needed and you should know the art of treating people well.

3.) Photography Business:
Nowadays this business is in great demand, there is a lot of demand for baby photography from birth of the child, if you have the skill to operate a camera, then you can start this business by buying a good camera or renting a camera, in which you People have to take good pictures by printing and serving them, nowadays a lot of fashion like pre-wedding shoots is on and photographers having good portfolios are in the public There are a sought fees. So you can earn well from this business.

4.) Recruitment firm:
Many youths today are deprived of jobs despite doing very good studies, they do have talent but they do not have the chance to get a good job, so you can give them this opportunity, by setting up a good recruitment firm.
Things needed for this: Good communication capacity, good contacts and a lot of extra travel, in this business, you should have good contacts with a good HR manager of the company, through which you can get good jobs for your clients, students, instead, you ask them You can get a small fee.

5.) Finance Consultant:
Nowadays people find it necessary to invest their money well, they want to invest their earned amount for good returns, which can also save tax and can also give good returns on that investment. You can take some knowledge of these things and give people information related to investing their money, in return you can get commission or fees. This is a very popular business.

6.) Real Estate Consultancy:
Today many people in our country want to buy a new house or want to rent, you can help these people by becoming a real estate agent by helping them find the best house. For this, you will feel a good relationship with the landlord and skill to deal with new people. You can get a small commission in return for getting these new people their favorite houses. Nowadays it has been so difficult to get a house that these new people are ready to give you a brokerage, you can take advantage of this treaty, which will give you money and also help people.

7.) Insurance Agency:
Nowadays if no one gives any confidence in life, then our priceless properties like business, cars, they have no faith at all, when any objections are raised and they are harmed, no one guarantees. That is why people are nowadays alert for insurance and insurance, you can also get good income by providing the same service. All you have to do is enter into an alliance with many insurance companies and go to their website and register yourself as an agent, this company or you send all kinds of things i.e. consumer documents, forms and you market your service a little bit and make a good You can install a business.

8.) Online marketing portal:
Nowadays many new startups are making many new things from their skills, which are electronic goods, sports, clothes. So you can help these businesses and startups by selling their things. So for this, you will find a good website and some marketing magic. If you have these two things, then you can comfortably earn good money in this business.

9.) Mobile Food Court (Food Truck):
Today Kalka is the most trending business, driving food trucks, people like junk food very much, it is prepared in a jerk and gets it at a low price. So if you have a lot of cooking experience, then you can start a food truck and start your own hailing business. The food truck is a moving restaurant in which everything is placed in very less space such as gas connection, freeze, microwave oven, etc.
Nowadays government grants are also available for food trucks, which you can take information about.

10.) Coffee Shop:
College-going youth and businessmen need a quiet and clean place in which they can spend time with their friends and work on meetings or important deals. In the coffee shop, you can sell coffee, sandwiches, and other food items that can give you a good income and people can also get a good environment to complete their business.

11.) Training Institute:
If you can teach children, then this business will be very beneficial for you. By starting a training institute, you can educate children in many classes, at least from 5th grade to 10th standard, children take admission in tuition classes today, if you have the art to understand and explain them, then you start this business every month. You can earn a lot of money.

12.) Online blogging:
This thing is a little new and this thing is very much in demand in the market today, if you have a good knowledge of English language, then you can earn money by starting your blog, for this business you will find a small website called Blog, On which you can write your views on various topics, you can spread these blogs through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, once people visit your blog. Nge so you can earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing. Today, there are many such people in India, who are earning at least 100,000 to 5000,000 per month just by writing.

13.) Online grocery shopping:
Nowadays people need to sit at home like clothes, electronics, cosmetics, vegetable and so on, so you can also take advantage of this need by providing such a similar service. You need a website through which you can get orders from Logins and good relations with local farmers or gardeners so that you can reach people by buying vegetables at low cost, you can get household items from local grocery stores and them too online. You can sell, the margin in this business is very high and people are ready to spend money because if they are getting all the things sitting at home, then they will be very happy with this business.

14.) Matrimony Site:
You can do the pious work of adding people and introducing them to your favorite partner by running this business. In this, all you need is good contacts with people and a cool website. In which you can complete this task easily. You can charge fees for using this website.

15.) Gym for women:
Nowadays we see that women have also started paying attention to their fitness and health, especially in metro cities. They need a place that is clean, clean and has everything they need, through which they can do a good exercise. If you take a course to provide good exercise training and if you have a lot of money, then you can rent a good place and start your gym in it and in this you can provide a safe, clean environment for special women.

16.) Yoga Instructor:
In this business, you can go to people’s home and give them yoga training, and instead, you can get fees and nowadays yoga is very fashionable. You can also be called in group activities, for the elderly people in a park and garden. You can train.

17.) Car driving school:
A good driver makes good training if the training does not get good training, then in the future, the car drivers will sit upside down, such as violation of traffic rules, and abuse. If you are expert in driving a car and you want to give this knowledge to others, then all you need is a good conditioned car and a certificate from RTO, through which you can start your car driving school. With this business, you can give these car learners help in preparing the license so that they can pay a lot of fees and they can get the license immediately after learning the car.

18.) The Library:
Who has been reading nowadays, it has become a saying and we have also heard this, but it is wrong, nowadays people are interested in reading, good books like they have disappeared, so you can buy many good books and buy a good reading room. You can start in which you can provide a calm and clean environment. People want to study, human development happens by studying and by doing this noble work you can get good fees.

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